About Us

Mike Yaba

After being a private investigator for 12 years traveling and bad eating habits Mike became unhealthy and overweight and decided to change his lifestyle. 

He started eating better and walking and decided to join a local gym. After a few months Mike started seeing results losing over 50 pounds and having more energy. He decided to make a career change and become a personal trainer and an indoor cycling instructor.

Mike and his wife at the time were also trying to adopt a little boy named Elijah. During the adoption process they noticed that Elijah was having issues standing up and slow at climbing steps so they decided to have him tested. They received the good news on May 6, 2010 that Elijah was officially their son, with tears of joy and completely excited to finally call Elijah their son.

Exactly one hour later on the same day, they received another phone call that turned their world upside down. Elijah’s doctor at CHKD told them that Elijah has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and would eventually be in a wheelchair. After crying for days feeling helpless and unable to do anything, Mike knew that Elijah was not only put in his life to help him down the path of having Muscular Dystrophy, but also Elijah was put in Mike’s life to help others in their journey to a stronger and healthier life. 

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Begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle and let MYFit Studio help you along the way.

Custom Workouts

Amazing full body workouts that will guide you throughout the workout to keep you engaged and completely motivated.


At home, in the gym or wherever you are, our indoor cycling classes will keep you on track. New classes added weekly.


Guiding you through relaxation and meditation classes with music to help relax the body and mind, to aid sleep and reduce stress.

Believe in Yourself

Elijah is Mike’s motivation to “NEVER” quit or give up. He is the “DRIVE” to help motivate and guide others to become stronger and he is the reason Mike started MYFit Studio and to help others “BELIEVE” that they could do anything as long as they never give up. 

You’ve got this! Start your own motivation drive today and join us on the journey.